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Read With Me Violet Ages 2-5 yrs.


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Read With Me Violet Ages 2-5 yrs.
Read With Me Violet Ages 2-5 yrs.

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Product OverviewRead With Me Violet Ages 2-5 yrs.

Listen along as Scout reads to you, and answer his questions as he completes each page.

Curriculum: Listening Comprehension

Listen to stories

Includes a 5-book set that helps build a range of skills from patterns to rhyming, narrative to concept.

Pet, pat or hug

Pet Scout’s back to answer questions; or kiss his cheek and press his paws for songs and friendly responses.

Answer questions

Discover 70+ different engagement and comprehension questions over the course of the 5-book set.

Pattern book

Learn with rhymes, refrains and repetition to predict what comes next.

Narrative book

Learn how stories are put together with characters, settings and a sequence of events.

Concept book

Explore concepts like colors to label and classify new information.

Rhyming book

Learn about the sounds of language and build phonological awareness.

Learn-About book

Learn about the world through reading and see how print carries meaning.

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  • Listening Comprehension
  • Vocabulary